We get to see all sides

We get to see all sides.   Imagine you are on a Merry-go-round……the carousel horse you are riding is the Earth and it’s orbiting the center of the Merry-go-Round, the Sun.  You pass your friend standing on the side and wave to him/her….6 seconds later (6 months later, for the Earth) you cannot see your friend who is now on the other side of the “Sun”.  However, you do see many other people, who could not be seen before.  Not to worry, another 6 seconds (another 6 months for the Earth) and there is your friend, still there, just as before.  …..and the cycle repeats itself, over and over again.  Every 12 seconds (months for the Earth) you see the same scenery alongside the Merry-go-Round….it is the same for the night sky as we travel around the sun every year.          Return to Home page